Up here in Heaven things are quite grand,
I'll give you a tour so please take my hand
We don't need a Dish or cable tv
On this Heavenly couch you should see what we see

A Hot Pass you'll have, but just for the day
For one lap around then be on your way
I know you've been sad and I miss you too
But the truth of it is I miss you being you

Don't change what you do because its a fact
We know part of life has a bump on the track
My message to you, amidst all this strife
Is to keep me in memory and still live your life

Be it racing or watching or something brand new
From where I'm now sitting you'd marvel the view
Under the lights, blue sky or the stars
Earthly souls shining bright, as bright as those cars

This was your tour and now that it ends
I send you on back to your family and friends
So dig down deep and know I'm not gone
Race on and race on and race on.......

by Lori Munro
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