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With one race left this season, Matt Kenseth pulled off a tremendous effort at Rockingham, landing him and Jack Roush their very first, (and last), Winston Cup Championship.
It has been a delight over the past couple of years to chronicle the Roush organization’s ups and downs in cartoon-art, so this edition of the War-Wagon takes a “big smoky burnout” back-weirds to revisit some past Matt Kenseth/Roush cartoons.

Remember, they’re just cartoons…. sorta 😎


April 21, 2002- Talladega:
HEADLINES: Jack Roush “The Cat In The Hat”,
survives plane crash

Who didn’t stand
up and cheer when we all learned that Jack had actually
survived that horrific accident? Larry Hicks, a man
who just happened to be in the right place, was able
to exercise his longtime rescue training and save the
life of Jack Roush.

This cartoon was
simply my tribute to Jack Roush, who in many peoples
eyes is “De Man”, as well as “The Cat
In the Hat”.


Wagon – Of – The – Moment
Sept 7, 2002 – Loudon, NH

America, the troops in Afghanistan, and fans abroad
Making us all so proud….

order top 5: M.Kenseth, R.Newman, J.Green, D.Earnhardt
Jr., T.Bodine

Inspired by the patriotic
tribute to the tragic events of Sept 11/01, Loudon paid tribute to the troops overseas in Afghanistan. This cartoon depicts 5 fighter jets, each painted in the colors of the top 5 finishers in this particular race, Matt Kenseth being the victor


of the Moment:

02, 2003 – Las Vegas

Ok… maybe this wasn’t the best
idea I’ve ever had for a cartoon, but heck…. what do you expect for free anyway? But really, just think about it. We’re in Vegas… the land of casinos, dancin’
girls, lots of cigarettes and gambling. Factor in some
REAL cheesy art and what do you have? A remake of that
famous “dogs playing cards” painting, and each dog representing the top finishers in the Las Vegas race. Look closely and you’ll see a yellow “cheese-head” dawg smack dab in the middle…


of the Moment: March 9, 2003
Atlanta, the engine failure Capital

A few people wrote and asked about
this cartoon back in March… and you’re likely wondering now what this cartoon has to do with Matt Kenseth? Well… just add it up. The BIN # on this dumpster at Atlanta Motor Speedway bears the numbers of THREE Roush cars…… and that famed 21 car… all with terminal engine failure.
Now, what number DON’T you see on this 4 wheeled Ford casket?

You’re right… 17


October 11, 2003
UAW-GM Quality 500 at Lowes

Yet another attempt at some bizarro-toon-ism…..
Some fans were left very confused with this cartoon… wondering why the 29 looked the way it did. Just think of it this way to save us all some more Tylenol and shock-therapy. The 17 train had such a head of steam in points and momentum, that the effort of the 29 was akin to laying down a sad, thin, lonely, hand drawn rendering of a number across a pretend train track.
In other words, get over it. Its a cartoon!


“You just might be a war wagon junkie and not even know it!”

You’re all invited back next week to this locality, to have a heapin’ helpin’ of our hospitality!
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is something like an axi-dent…

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