If Bill Simpson Made Overalls


War Wagon Extry-Fried Bit – Sept 28,

If Bill Simpson Made Overalls
– by Lori Munro

poem by Lori Munro
illustration by Lori Munro
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If Bill Simpson made overalls
Life would be so grand
Your clothing would be special
The most special in the land
Triple stitched with extra care
Flame retardant underwear
On the farm or on the town
An Impact made for miles around!

If Bill Simpson made overalls
You could buy’em off the rack
Make it easy for old-time racers
To retire from the track
Graduate them into gear
that makes them feel at home
Decorated with sponsor ads
Good Year and Autozone

The change would sure be simple
The change would not be strange
It could even help a driver
If he wound up fighting flames

Doing simple duties
Like cooking a marshmallow
Or simply cooking dinner
While drinking Mello Yello

If Bill Simpson made overalls
One could wear them in the yard
Raking leaves and cutting grass
Along the boulevard
On a swing or on a see-saw
Look like a racin’ version of Hee-Haw!
Rich embroidery by the spool
With lots of pockets for your tools

In your bibs you’d wave and smile
At passing cars at every mile
Life would be simple, you would recall
If Bill Simpson made overalls


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