What The Heck Is Going On?

header2007War-Wagon.com has been an ever evolving process that went from the most basic content, to 3 and sometimes 4 hand-drawn and unique, never-before-seen stock car racing themed cartoons a week!

Maybe there just won’t be as many creations as there have been in the past years but there’ll still be some trickling through.

A new feature that I’ve added in the Summer of 2016 is “Weekend Winner”. What I am doing is portraying my own hand-picked “win” from the weekend. It could be the winner of the Cup race, the owner of the Xfinity winning car who won on the weekend or just someone or something that had a great weekend. Could be anything. I just draw whatever comes into my head and strikes my fancy.

Anyhow, back to the site revamp: The good news is, this brand new “blog” format allows me to better categorize past works to make it even easier for everyone (myself included) to find things. There are pieces buried so deep after more than a dozen + years I may never find them!

Hence, the new format will be a work in progress… perhaps always “under construction”… but at the very least, it kind of refreshes itself with just a couple of nose twitches. Kind of like Bewitched… or Gunsmoke… or one of those old tv shows. Maybe it was Bonanza, or Mr. Ed…. yeah thats what it was, Mr Ed.