Wagon-Of-The-Moment: July
27, 2003 – Foyt Numbers Shell Game

8/3 – A Message To Those Who Have Sent Ample Warning…..

…. I’ve already had my close up and personal AJ encounter,
so a simple cartoon ain’t going to make matters worse. The year was 1970-something
and I was a kid in a red plaid shirt in the garage area at a road race in
Ontario. Being that my entire life had always involved being dusty, half deaf
and high on fumes, this day was simply… typical. I was not an AJ groupie
and a red plaid shirt was just my garb of the day because all the other girls
wore pretty, frilly pink and plastic stuff. Red plaid was my choice in that
era …simply because it was wrong. Little did I know that the entire Foyt
crew was also be-decked in red plaid. So, I got heaved into the garage area
and because I always traveled with film just for something to do, I caught
“the look” just at the right moment. I simply said “stop”…
while AJ stomped around with a big ‘ole hammer in his hand… took his picture
and with a big smile, said “THANKS”….

“Gotcha Tex”

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