March 28, 2004
BRISTOL Food City 500
A Softer,
Gentler NASCAR?
by NASCAR’s apparent desire to “tone down” all the cursing,
retaliation and driver hate-on’s for each other)

yet we are asked to vote for our favorite “moment of 2003”,
featuring more punches than a boxing match, with enough excess footage
left over to use for endless commercials and intros for this past
weekend’s Bristol race showing fighting and enraged drivers. If
it’s so bad for kids and Grandma to watch and listen to, why do
they show the wreckage, fist-fights, collar grabbing and hood-jumping
over and over again, year after year?

many times have you seen the famous Allison/Yarborough fist fight
recorded during the first televised Daytona 500 decades ago? It’s
not appropriate to be viewed by the “innocents”, but good
enough to remind us of every year during the season opener.

more cursing, swearing and sex portrayed during your average Cialis,
Yogurt, Dr. Pepper and Long John Silver commercials than in NASCAR
….Something here is backwards.

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