Hoosier Loco-Motion

10, 2004
Hoosier “Loco” Motion
They say it started with a “bird”
A bird they called Todd Parrot
His driver won and did it well
His name was Dale Jarrett

years and years and countless tears
Many have tried and failed
Just one chance to kiss those bricks
Good plans have been derailed

is the attraction, thrill and satisfaction
That one tries so hard to get?
Personal pride, a real good ride
Or a kiss that’s not so wet?

this, now will you sir
Just what it is you’re kissin
You might find that in all the worlds stuff
Not one ingredient is missin!

and sand, bricks and mud
Stirred together with sass
With mortar this old you just might find
Hair from a horses ass!

dung and rabbit balls
Stuff that makes you sick
Oil, rubber and from last year
The taste of Happy Harvick

me once
Kiss me twice
Kiss me once again
Had Jeff been this passionate with ‘ole Brooke
She might not have up and ran

hard to explain with just a few words
Although you might take a notion
This Speedway, Indiana tradition
Is Hoosier “Loco” Motion

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