Before The Past Is Gone ( NASCAR Hall of Fame )

April 11, 2005

by Lori Munro

I need a town to call
my own, a place with any name
To build, to honor and bring the fans I’m the NASCAR Hall of Fame
Many places
do desire a piece of my historical quota
Daytona, Charlotte and who knows maybe Bismarck North Dakota

The Cowgirl Hall of
Fame is a prize well known to Texas
You can get there in a pony car, a bus or plane or Lexus
Cleveland’s home to Rock and Roll and Country’s found in Nashville
Stock car racing needs a home and one that won’t be bashful

So many stories within
4 walls, make me 80 feet high with 43 halls
Coming together to tell some tales of Richard, Bobby, Fireball and Cale’s
Fill me up with
gleaming cars from days that long have past
With faded names and antique frames no longer going fast

Cotton, Blackie,
the family Flock and all the Petty relations
The Silver Fox, Intimidator and Bridesmaids all in waiting.
Bring in the
trophies, photographs and film from races past
Roll out the red carpet and polish the walls but make a decision fast

Where to put this
Hall has been a quandary far too long
So toss a coin and get it right before the past is gone
Choose a place that represents the race and honors all its stars
Stop the game and bring on the Fame in the homeplace of these cars

Time has told a tale
and history does not lie
To turn the sod in Charlotte is the only way to fly
The epicenter of the racing world should add on to its name
Build it here and love it dear, the NASCAR Hall of Fame


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