The Cat In The Hat – A Racing Story


December 21, 2003 Celebrates Our 2003

“Person Of The Year”

They call me the cat
The cat in the hat
I do have a hat
I’m sharp as a tack

Without an Old Crow
A-flyin’ I go
Until like a dash
I did go ker-splash

But just as quick
As quick as a lick
Way out in the sticks
I met Larry Hicks

A Ford man I am
I am a Ford man
From fast car to Pony car
To drag car to NASCAR

The years that it took
You’d think that a crook
Took what was mistook
In my total points nook

And points they did take
And a fuss I did make
My ego was smarten’
Just like Mark Martin’s

Mark Martin, Marco Martin
Here a Martin, there a Martin
What series? THIS series
Not rally, just Raleigh!

A spring here, a point there
It’s not fair, its not fair!

Then Kurt got fined, time over time
First they cheered him
Then they jeered him
That poor boy of mine

Oh, the things they did bump!
Oh, the things they did hit!
Oh, I do not like it!
Not one little bit!

But Matt was just honkin
And he’s from Wisconsin
A championship was gotten
And no points forgotten

I now have a trophy
A really great trophy
I’m not longer mopey
I now have a trophy

So my thanks to Matt
Being a cat in the hat
In no time flat
Is sure where its at!

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