Weekend Winner – Tony Stewart

And they said it couldn’t be done! A surprise at Sonoma and only a handful of points out of the top 30. I guess this could really come true after all…

I’ve been toying around with a new stylus to try and wean myself off of decades of a pencil, paper and Sharpie. It took a hell of a long time to get a stylus that would actually work like a pencil on an iPad. The biggest hold up  has been something that is now referred to as “palm rejection”. What used to happen is when you hold the stylus like a pen or pencil, your hand would smudge, move, smear and basically completely screw up a relatively decent drawing. You would basically have to hover from outer space so that only the tip of the stylus would touch the screen. Well, no more…. its kinda cool. Now I use an Adonit Pixel and is it ever nice to create with!

One really interesting thing about this drawing is the fact that I’m obviously oblivious to what date it is. Today is in fact June 27 but I dated it a week old, June 20. Oh well….  😎

EDITED: I added the Weekend Winner border, and fixed the damned date 😎

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