The Primitive LAM

I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid, and drawing stock cars since the 70’s. Most of my art consisted of horses, especially on my school books, binders, note paper…. In this gallery you’ll see my impression as a young teenager of our local short track, “Pinecrest” in Ontario, Canada. Several of the drivers were family friends so I got to eyeball them closely when they’d come to my dad’s shop to either borrow tools, get something repaired, seek advice or just BS with a rum and Coke. There’s even a short essay from school about the “Ideal 48 Hours” where I tell you about my version of the same. It ends with Dolly Parton’s career fizzling out. A lot of what is in the essay came true as well, of course, except the Dolly part but I did get to meet her along the way. I invented cartoon characters like “Mac, the Bionic Mule” and drew some of my horse heroes….
I present to you, “Primitive LAM”, a collection of some of my childhood art.

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